When Your Wallet or Purse is Stolen, What To Do?

Our wallet content all our personal identification and Identity theft is one of the biggest concern of the age. Losing the wallet is not about losing the cash or credit/debit card, but as a whole a biggest financial insecurity in place.

When Your Wallet or Purse is Stolen

Here are the first 5 things to do immediately after you lose your purse?

1)      Call the police and inform the same

2)      Call your bank and credit issuers and block the cards

3)      Let credit reporting agencies know

4)      Change the locks and other passwords you lost with wallet:

5)      Cancel memberships of your gym, movie club etc and register with new number

Being a victim of theft is really miserable, but you can limit the loss it does to your financial life by acting swift.

Have you ever lost your purse?

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