Practical Job Search Tips for Millenials

There is no doubt that job search for millennials is nothing like what is used to be for the generation before them. With all the neck break competition out there and companies flocking for experienced employees, a fresh graduate or degree holder experiences the worst nightmare while searching a job. So, it is imperative that you do not pay heed to myths such as avoid frequent job changing and so on.

job search tips for millenials

Millennials should try to find out the job that interests them and should have a clear idea of what they want from a job. More than unemployment, underemployment has become an issue with the slow job market and shrinking economy. Therefore, here I try to give some tips on practical approach towards job search.

Don’t be too strong headed

We all have a vision of our dream job and company. But, while searching for a job, you should not have any absurd ideas about stumbling upon your dream job in the first go itself. While searching for a new job, try to understand if the profile interests you and how close the job role is to something that you want to do. However, do not be rigid and arrogant because flexibility is key to success in corporate.

After few days of working, you might realize that this is not what you wanted to do, but it’s OK. If nothing else, your current role will help you to develop new skills, widen your expertise and more importantly understand the corporate culture. Sometimes, you might find yourself doing every job in the office, right from the marketing of the product to designing the packaging and so on. Some of us may not understand its importance, but it helps in all round development and brings out the more eligible professional.

Time to filter contents on social networking sites

More than anything, social and professional networking is very important if you want to land a good job. Some of us are not very enthusiastic to have social networking, but the faster you understand the importance of this necessary evil, better the chance of getting in the right place professionally.

Know the difference between professional networking sites and social ones. For instance, some of us post personal activities on LinkedIn as well even though the site is strictly for your professional networking. Avoid doing that, if you want to be seen as a serious and dedicated professional by the organizations.

Once, you pass the college and start searching for a job, make sure that your social networking profiles such as Facebook are also clean because HR managers will try to find out about you as much as they can through electronic media.

Go for industry events

Do not skip the industry events in your city as it is one of the best ways to connect with the prominent people of the different industry. Various companies do events in colleges and convention centers, which should be attended by young professionals and job seekers.

During these events, you can meet the qualified people and get insight on what the job market is like and skills that you need to enter the current job arena. Make a habit of interacting with people who know what is the scenario and what are they looking for in a fresher. Study the industry, qualifications needed expertise and various certifications that can strengthen your CV, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Learn to listen

You have appeared for a couple of interviews but could not crack it. However, you still have no idea what went wrong and improvements to be made. This happens when you are not a good listener and did not pay attention during the interview about what previous interviewers wanted to see in you. Develop the capacity of listening and understanding the requirements of the organization.

There are two kinds of listeners, one who listen to reply and the others who listen to understand. Be the second one if you want to succeed in any field because when you understand the question or requirement of the interviewer, you can answer him better and even though luck did not shine upon you a couple of times, you will know the areas that need an improvement.

Do this before applying

Scrolling frantically on the job portal and applying to every job that goes with your qualification is something we all do. However, applying should come at last. When you find a job that interests you, first try to research and know more about the company, learn the work culture and try to connect with someone who works in that organization.

Usually, organizations mention an email id and a contact number of the HR Manager in the job posting. Try to learn what exactly they are looking for and how far you fit that role. Only after you have done thorough research about the company, apply for the position.

Before submitting the application, make sure that there is no typo. Proofread as much as you can. Also, do not fail to mail Thank You note once you are called for the interview because HR managers expect you to value the opportunity given.

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